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On a bus in Xi'an

by John Koenig on 05/03/13

Five years ago, while visiting Xi’an, China,  I board a tour bus bound for the Tomb of the Terracotta Soldiers.  The only open seat places me next to a fellow American, a friendly looking gentleman with gray hair and mustache.  Jim Taylor, he says as we shake hands.

Over the course of the day, I learn that while Jim calls Seattle home, he lives most of the time in Micronesia, where he works as a legal adviser to Pacific island nations.  He’s been vacationing in China for three weeks, spending part of the time with a farm family in the north. Before parting, we discover that we will both be in Shanghai the following week.  Jim plans to have dinner there with a friend, another American who had established a marketing firm in China.  He invites me to join them and I do.  It’s a fascinating evening, learning about the life of an American ex-pat in the wild east of Chinese capitalism.

Facebook enables Jim and me to stay intermittently in touch.  I follow his latest island-hopping adventures. He learns that I recently published a novel about a young Polish girl who escapes from a Siberian labor camp and makes her way to Iran.  Once or twice, we exchange emails.

This morning, I check Amazon to make sure my book Danuta is still being offered there and discover a new reader review.  It’s from a James W. Taylor and begins, “When I read Danuta, I didn't read anything – I saw it as I would a movie, each word developing the story line.”

Yes, the reviewer is the same gentleman I met on the bus in Xi’an.  He has downloaded the novel to his Kindle and read it in Saipan.

Someday, Jim and I will meet again.  I’ll buy him a drink in thanks for his thoughtfulness.  Question is, where in the world will that be? 


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1. Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said on 5/3/13 - 09:18AM
I love how small the world is, and how large it is, all at the same time!

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