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In Polonia Today

by John Koenig on 03/27/13

A story about Danuta has been published in the online site of Polonia Today.  Check it out.

Daughters of Displaced Poles

by John Koenig on 03/23/13

There's a wonderful Facebook page called The Sons & Daughters of Displaced Poles from World War II & Communism.  Susan Murrmann, one of Danuta Buczak's two daughters, recently joined the group and in doing so prompted a touching exchange with another daughter of a displaced Pole.

Susan wrote, "I am the daughter of Danuta Buczak.  She was arrested by the Russians and taken to a forced labor camp along with her infant son, my brother.  She escaped but he did not and is buried at the site.  I never knew I had a brother or the real story of my mother's ordeal until author John Koenig sat down with my mother 20 years ago and recorded her story."

Group member Carol Dove responded, "I must say Susan Murrmann I fell in love with your mother.  John's book made it so difficult to read the last page as I felt I was losing a special friend.  Such a strong, proud woman that survived Soviet camps.  As with your mother, my father survived.  He was a young boy and his baby brother is also buried in that unforgiving Siberia.